Access Control

We can offer the most sophisticated networked, PC-based systems, but we won’t try to sell you one if something simpler will do the job.

We supply access and door entry solutions which are simple to understand and use, both for the user, and for those who have to manage and administer the system.

Audio and Visual Systems – Screen your visitors from a central point, and remotely release the door or gate if appropriate.

Coded Keypads – The simplest form of access control for employees, club members etc. Can be combined with audio and visual systems to control both employees and visitors.

Swipe Cards – Faster to use than coded keypads, and more secure. Hierarchies can be set up so that some cards will only open certain doors.
Proximity Systems – Even faster and easier to use than swipe cards. Very high vandal resistance. As with swipe cards, more sophisticated systems can provide data on who passed where, when.

Biometrics – For high security applications, we can advise on finger print and palm recognition, retina scanning and even facial recognition systems. More about Biometrics.

Networked Systems – If your access control is networked, either as a stand-alone system or using your existing LAN network, cards and tokens can be managed centrally, doors and barriers may be operated remotely, and you can maintain records of who went where, and when.

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